Hello everyone,

I did close out 2017 with oral surgery over the holidays, a needed retrofitting from a long ago incident with a phone pole. This is not as debilitating as an elbow injury to a starting pitcher or back injury to a professional golfer, it has necessitated a noticeable altering of my delivery for the time being.

Hence while adhering to truth in advertising, while healing I have removed my previous demos from all internet sources and am working on some podcast ideas that do not emphasize my sound as much as the discussion.

Still working around my mending. Here is raw HD sample audio (no production) from New Years 2018. If we met on an elevator and I only had a couple of floors to have you remember me…

I have suspended my Fiverr and other related profiles across the web, I do remain available to those existing clients! If you were forwarded here from a demo link please use my contact form to reach me.

Thank You,
Mike Lips Voice Over
Well of Course