Hello it’s Mike from mikelips.com voice over.  When people approach me in public to compliment me for my social tact, the conversation inevitably turns to ‘what is an aptronym?’ 

Simply put an aptronym is the name of someone that is uniquely fitting, or is apt, for their particular profession, the following varying examples are offered for reference;

Meteorologist, Amy Freeze. British Lieutenant-Colonel and war hero, David Danger, and Urologist, Dr. Richard Chop.

And of course there is me, Voice Over by Mike Lips.

Each with an apt name for their profession. An aptronym. Understand now?

No need to point out the obvious, but Dr. Chop is a… difficult, one to follow.

Voice Overs
Well of Course

The Aptronym Voice Guy

Hi and thanks for stopping by. Welcome to 2016.

I’ve heard it for a long time, “you have a radio voice” or “I know your voice.”

There was a time, and still are periods of time, when I enjoy the anonymity of doing a little voice work, my children or friends telling me they have heard my voice is nice, but publicly I enjoyed replying “Thanks, I get that a lot.”

The voice hasn’t changed and the one childhood goal, that of Vin Scully’s job becoming mine, is no longer viable, so as a free agent. While re-recording demo’s, usually not a time consuming process, I have been exceptionally busy. So we do have only the “Yes Voice” up, though production is not for commercial use, input on this recording has created a character.

Currently I am working on projects that include an audio-book, “Tour of Duty” by Lt. Col. Felix L. Ferranto USMC.

The book covers his 3 years as a Prisoner of War, or Police Action Hostage, during the Korean War (1950-1953).

Ferranto may have been the only POW ever held in captivity while already having a mountain named for him, Mount Ferranto in Antarctica, which was named in 1947 after his Antarctic travels with Admiral Richard Byrd from 1938-1940.

There are several other achievements much less life threatening during Ferranto’s lifetime, and a few others almost equal, a very interesting story of courage and honor.

Ferranto was a radio platoon commander, with a background in radio that spanned over 70 years, and was the man who introduced me to my first radio microphone and more . Thank you, Grandpa.


Beginning in 2016, having sworn off hosting another early morning show, we have discovered a work around, check in to listen in at the new;

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