Audiobook 1014 Days

While mending from oral surgeries that have added an unnecessary ‘whistle’ to my work as we start 2018, I am using this time to finish a long term work of my own.

1939 Ferranto in the Snow Cruiser

Completing the written edited version for the audio-book “Tour of Duty 1014 Days”. The story of  Lt. Col. Felix L. Ferranto USMC (1911-2002) and his three years spent as POW in Korea 1950-1953. Numerous prior accomplishments to Ferranto’s survival in captivity are covered, including a tour to the South Pole with Admiral Byrd and the Snow Cruiser as part of the United States Antarctic Service (1939–41). When the USAS branch ended, the efforts of Ferranto did result in his being honored with a mountain, in fact Mount Ferranto was named for him nearly a decade prior to his capture in North Korea.
Research has shown me that each of us retain the rights to our story and the main characters quality is integral, Lt. Col. Ferranto proudly and selflessly demonstrated his integrity through his ordeal and afterwards.
His life keeps me quite occupied at this time, and deservedly so, he was also one of the first to train my voice and it was he who introduced me to radio transmission as a child long ago.

Thank You,
Mike Lips Voice Over
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