The Aptronym Voice Guy

Hi and thanks for stopping by. Welcome to 2016.

I’ve heard it for a long time, “you have a radio voice” or “I know your voice.”

There was a time, and still are periods of time, when I enjoy the anonymity of doing a little voice work, my children or friends telling me they have heard my voice is nice, but publicly I enjoyed replying “Thanks, I get that a lot.”

The voice hasn’t changed and the one childhood goal, that of Vin Scully’s job becoming mine, is no longer viable, so as a free agent. While re-recording demo’s, usually not a time consuming process, I have been exceptionally busy. So we do have only the “Yes Voice” up, though production is not for commercial use, input on this recording has created a character.

Currently I am working on projects that include an audio-book, “Tour of Duty” by Lt. Col. Felix L. Ferranto USMC.

The book covers his 3 years as a Prisoner of War, or Police Action Hostage, during the Korean War (1950-1953).

Ferranto may have been the only POW ever held in captivity while already having a mountain named for him, Mount Ferranto in Antarctica, which was named in 1947 after his Antarctic travels with Admiral Richard Byrd from 1938-1940.

There are several other achievements much less life threatening during Ferranto’s lifetime, and a few others almost equal, a very interesting story of courage and honor.

Ferranto was a radio platoon commander, with a background in radio that spanned over 70 years, and was the man who introduced me to my first radio microphone and more . Thank you, Grandpa.


Beginning in 2016, having sworn off hosting another early morning show, we have discovered a work around, check in to listen in at the new;

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