In between the realm of calm and authoritative, ranging from an unmoved fact to an entertaining side note, this is Mike Lips Voice Over. Your professional voice over source for your audio or visual production.

Anyone from large Fortune 500 companies to Mom and Pop shops, from phone systems to mobile phone apps, from broadcast television and radio to corporate training video’s. The power of the spoken word means little without an intended message being properly relayed and accepted for the value it brings to the listener.

Located in Orange County, right in between the Los Angeles and San Diego markets. But location, location, location, doesn’t truly matter in todays digital world and with voice over particularly.

*Advertising * Audio Book * Audio Mark *
*Broadcast (TV, radio and internet) *
* Phone * Prompts * e-learning *
* Trailers * Voice Actor * Voice Over *

Pricing for broadcast (radio or television) are based on recording length, and are buyout. Multiple characters or tags are billed as multiple selections.
:05 …… $32.00
:15 ……. $44.00
:30 …… $58.00
:60 …… $73.00
2:00 …. $90.00

Non broadcast recording are priced by word count, Multiple characters billed as multiple selections.
$0.30 per word, $60.00 minimum.

Additional production is available including:
Music $75.00
Additional custom edits or conversions $25.00

Contact Mike Lips Voice Over below for more information, all inquiries will be responded to within one business day, and complete copy post agreement in as timely a manner.

Thank You,
Mike Lips Voice Over
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