Hi and thanks for stopping by and welcome to 2018.

I’ve heard it for a long time, “you have a radio voice” or “I know your voice.”

There was a time, and still are periods of time, when I enjoy the anonymity of doing voice work, my children or friends telling me they have heard my voice is nice, but publicly for years I enjoyed replying “Thanks, I get that a lot.”

One childhood goal of becoming Vin Scully’s replacement long ago was replaced by my reverence in watching, and listening to his work. My start was as a writer who would read passages of my work out loud for myself to verify the sound of the words, and having an editor comment my voice. Eventually she directed¬†me to my first audition, in which resulted my first voice work. Years have gone by, trips to studios are no longer a requirement, and it has led to this, mikelips.com voice over.

With the oral surgery at the end of 2017 I am hindered, speaking with a hitch, almost lisp, while healing enough for a follow up procedure.

Having long since sworn off hosting another early morning show, I may have discovered a work around, podcasts;

Wait for it

Thank You,
Mike Lips Voice Over
Well of Course